My vision and what I bring…  

Waning Moon Weddings by LaToya provides officiant services and pre-marital coaching that serves couples from traditional to eclectic. Placing my focus on love and acceptance means that, together, we can create a space where everyone feels safe and supported as you fine tune your ceremony. No matter where you are on your journey together, you are met with compassion and dedication to your specific needs, ideas, beliefs, backgrounds, and comfort. Your ceremony space will be loving, fun, and reflect the most authentic YOU!


Since my 1st ceremony in 2015, I have served hundreds of couples and have been featured in many publications like Brides, Martha Stewart, Southern Bride Magazine, and New Orleans Wedding Magazine.  As a Professional Wedding Officiant, it is my goal to highlight the love stories and grand celebrations of diverse couples from all over the world. It is my hope that you are inspired to have the type of ceremony that is most sacred and special to you with Waning Moon Weddings by LaToya.




Who I am and why I started…

I am LaToya Papillion-Herr, a Premiere Wedding Officiant, Pre-Marital Coach, and entrepreneur. I'm also a proud champion of love with magical southern charm! In 2013, I married the love of my life and celebrated our love story with a day of love, support, and infinite joy. When the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in all of the US, just a few years later, I flew into the wedding industry with open arms. Creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone to celebrate their union on their terms has since been a priority for me and the community of professionals I work with.  


As a same gender loving black professional, I also take great pride in being a speaker and educator on diversity and inclusion in the wedding industry. Since WMW was created on a foundation of diversity, acceptance, and inclusion – I have become the Officiant for couples of varying religious backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, abilities, gender expressions, ages, ethnicities, etc.


I stand as many things in my life; wife, mother, business owner, minister, spiritual advisor, best friend, and advocate! But through it all, the things I do are connected in love; love for self, love for others, love for family and friends, and love for our collective Divine connection. That is the reason and root of it all for me. It is my goal that all of my work allows my communities to experience love, support, and genuine acceptance of their true selves.


How I get it all done…

When you book with Waning Moon Weddings by LaToya, my goal becomes getting to know you and planning the ceremony you most desire for your day. Whether you have a quick and easy question or need support in figuring out a planning hurdle… I am on your team.


One of my promises is that I will take the time to be a resource before, during, and after your wedding ceremony.  As much as we will learn about one another and go over particulars of your ceremony - chances are... you won't remember a thing we say. But, you will ALWAYS remember how you felt at the altar, standing before your partner with the loving support and guidance from your Officiant.


I am intentional about the time we will spend together and I am excited to begin learning more about your relationship and your journey to the altar.

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