My vision and what I bring…  

Waning Moon Weddings by LaToya provides officiant and event services that range from traditional to eclectic. Placing my focus on love and acceptance means that, together, we can create a space where everyone feels safe and supported as you fine tune your ceremony. No matter where you are on your planning journey, you are met with compassion and dedication to your specific needs, ideas, and comfort. Your ceremony space should be loving, fun, and reflect the most authentic YOU!


Since my 1st ceremony in 2015, I have served over 300 couples, spoken at industry seminars, taught at wedding planning workshops, and have become an advocate for inclusiveness and visibility in the event industry. I currently work with Orleans Parish to process New Orleans marriage licenses at my local signing office. In all that I do, I do it to celebrate the broad spectrum of love and the human experience. It is my hope that you are inspired to have the type of ceremony that is most sacred and special to you with Waning Moon Weddings by LaToya.


Who I am and why I started…

I am LaToya (Champion of Love), owner of Waning Moon Weddings by LaToya, and a proud NOLA transplant with magical southern charm! As a same gender loving black professional, I also take great pride in being speaker and educator on diversity and inclusion in the wedding industry. Since WMW was created on a foundation of diversity, acceptance, and inclusion – I have become the Officiant and Minister for couples of varying religious backgrounds, abilities, gender expressions, ages, ethnicities, etc.


When my wife and I got married we were fortunate enough to have an officiant that memorialized our relationship and our love with her words. To feel completely supported and seen on our wedding day was a feeling I will always cherish. She truly set the tone for a fun-loving and beautiful ceremony. When we decided to relocate to New Orleans, with our kids, same-sex marriages had not yet become legal in the state of Louisiana. So, we made the move, like most things in life, on faith. 


I stand as many things to many people in my life; wife, mother, business owner, minister, best friend, and advocate! But no matter what role I find myself, it’s always stepped into with love and faith. It’s no wonder when the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in all of the US, I flew into the wedding industry (the business of love) with open arms. Creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone to celebrate their union on their terms has since been a priority for me and the people I work with. 


How I get it all done…

When you book with Waning Moon Weddings by LaToya, I like to get a consultation scheduled with you, provide script and ceremony samples to begin planning, and get to know your love story. From the moment you book your date, I work to provide professionalism, fun, and an experience you'll always remember. 


Whether you have a quick and easy question or need support in figuring out a planning hurdle… I am on your team. One of my promises is that I will take the time to be a resource before, during, and after the wedding ceremony.  I intentionally partner with other wedding professionals that love to work closely with their clients to capture the energy they want shared at their ceremony or event – from inquiry to alter and beyond.

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